Fixed Oven

Authentic Neapolitan pizza oven built with traditional techniques and materials. The fixed oven is the traditional Neapolitan handmade brick oven with underlying wood storage built on place. All the materials needed for the construction are shipped from Naples to the final destination, where our workers will come to build the oven. It’s complete of external covering which the client chooses (mosaic, palladiana marble), two lateral marbles, steel door for closing mouth (entry of the oven) and small flue on the top end. Instead of the traditional firewood powering, on request it can be gas powered; in this last case a 29200 Kcal / 34 Kw gas burner is furnished and installed to it. The burner is complete of an electronic unit control for temperature and flame management.

Handshaped tuff stones

Plain of cooking
Biscotto di Sorrento

Crown and Dome
Refractory bricks 60 mm thick; resistance over 900°C / 1.800 °F

External Hood
Handshaped Santa Maria bricks

External Covering
Ceramic mosaic tiles, palladiana marble



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